Logo for the game Civil War in Russia 1917-1922

This mod will immerse you in the Russian Civil War 1917-1922.
It will feature 24 missions, new participants in the conflict: red, white, Ukrainians, Poles, Basmachi and interventionists.
There will be a lot of new vehicles taking part in the battles.
There is multiplayer with many maps.

Gentlemen and comradеs, we are glad to present You the global mod on the topic of the Civil War in Russia 1917-1922 years.

17 parties to the conflict as of 1919:

1. AFSR (White Armed Forces of South Russia).
2. UPR (Ukrainian People's Republic).
3. The RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) - Red Army.
4. The Russian Army of the Supreme ruler (White troops in the East of Russia).
5. RIAU (Revolutionary Insurgent Army of the Bat'ka Makhno).
6. The Czechoslovak corps.
7. NWA (Northwestern White Army of General N. N. Yudenich).
8. The Estonian People's Army.
9. Poland.
10. Latvian Republic.
11. WVA (Western Volunteer pro-german white army.Anti-Soviet military unit of the Pro-German orientation, formed by P. R. Bermondt-Avalov of Russian officers and German volunteers at the end of 1918 — beginning of 1919 in the Baltic States to fight the Bolsheviks and proclaimed on 18 November 1918 the Republic of Latvia.

12. Republic of Lithuania.
13. Miller's Northern White Army.
14. Hetmanate of Skoropadskiy.
15. Belarusian People's Republic (added to the game due to submod).

16. Japanese Expeditionary Force.
17. The Far Eastern Republic (FER).

In addition

It is necessary to warn that in fashion big emphasis on realism,in this connection, the units die very fast and every mistake can cost you victory in the game.You should think about where to send reinforcements and how to build a defense.

Also the mod makes:

- More than 25 new maps.
- About 600 new units (Not counting the engineers, officers, nurses).
- 5 new pieces of equipment.
- 2 mortar, 2 cannons, 3 heavy cannons and 2 machine guns.
- New firing sounds and music.
- Spotters who can cause fire by shrapnel. 


Each faction its own unique and special units that can turn the game at any time.
Please nontraded attention to the portraits and icons - we have not had time to enter them. Some of the cards out when playing 2 on 2 (we have few)


According to the test results, we identified appropriate setting of the game - you need to select "Custom" and set the value TO 180 and 4000 HP.This is the optimal setting of the game.


Army UPR

White Army

Red Army